On May 1, 1850, the first conference of Christian Mothers was held in Lille, France, the society found its way into America in 1881.The purpose of this organization is to uphold the dignity and responsibility of women as wives and mothers, aunts, godmother etc. and to assist women in the Christian formation their minds and hearts. CCM and WG is under the special patronage of the "Mother of Sorrows"


What is the goal of Our Confraternity?

The goal of our Confraternity is not simply to unite Woman in prayer, but also to instruct, educate and inspire woman in practicing our Catholic virtue. By Catholic instruction at regular meetings, we strive to encourage and show our members the importance of being a Catholic woman and to inflame them with zeal for their faith. Our aim is to show our members a way of attaining not only their own sanctification and that of their families, and friends, and to help them to become useful members of society ensuring their temporal and especially their eternal welfare.


The Confraternity of Christian Mothers and Women’s Guild here at St Titus preforms many acts of charity in and around the parish.  We hold a monthly canned food drive, collect cancelled stamp and old cell phones, as well as prepare dinner once a year for the poor and lonely though Manna Soup Kitchen. We contribute to various organizations, such as Girls Hope in Baden. We send cards to veterans at local VA hospitals, provide gifts for the residents at area nursing homes and so much more!

If you are interested in joining or want more information please call Kathy Matejka at 724-378-4383

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All meetings for 2018 will be held the first Sunday of every month.