Being a greeter involves more than just standing at the door and shaking people's hands as they enter the church. It is a ministry. First Corinthians 12:28 refers to it as the ministry of helping. We help fulfill the need by making those who come through the doors of St. Titus feel at home.

Our responsibility is to help all who come to worship feel joy, sincerity, importance, peace and comfort when they enter the doors of our church. Most of all, we help them feel welcomed.

This is essential to understand as a Greeter, because we are the first persons that visitors and parishioners see when they enter our church doors.

We are committed to ensuring that each person is being served, that their needs and concerns are met, and that they feel the joy of the Lord upon entering St. Titus.

The Greeters Duties are to arrive at least 40 minutes to 1/2hr be for mass to greet, help parishioners and guest as they enter our church. At this time the Greeters Ministry will be present for only holidays Masses, those days are All Souls Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost, and as needed for parish special events.

For more information or to volunteer call Mary Volitich 724-495-7919