Mission of the Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society inspires people to begin or grow their personal relationship with Jesus through awareness, reverence and devotion to the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus. 

Disciples of the Holy Name Pray, Learn, Unite and Serve in Jesus' Name:  "Holy Name PLUS." 

The Power of the Name of Jesus is proclaimed and witnessed through the sincere love and reverence of the Holy Name in members' speech and actions.  Individuals, families, communities - the world  - are forever transformed


·         Promote devotion to and respect for the most Holy Names of God and       Jesus.

·         Encourages frequent reception of the Sacraments of Confession and         Holy Eucharist.

·         Promotes daily Mass attendance, prayer and spiritual reading.

·         Participates in Eucharistic Adoration.

·         Promotes memorial masses.

·         Participates and sponsors Eucharistic and Marian Processions and             Vigils.

·         Sponsors, coordinates and participates in spiritual conferences,               weekend retreats and days of recollection.

·         Hold prayer vigils for the canonization of Blessed John of Vercelli.

          St.Titus Holy Name Society recites the Rosary, before Mass, every            second Sunday of the month, starting at 8:20 AM   


·         Visits the sick and the dying.

·         Helps the aged and handicapped.

·         Provides financial support for Seminarians and Catholic Education             Students.

·         Sponsors converts to the Catholic Faith (RCIA).

·         Fights against Pornography.

·         Supports Catholic School Education.

·         Encourages Stewardship during parish and diocesan fund raising             drives.

·         Fights for the respect and dignity of Human Life

·         Responds to requests from the Archbishop/Bishop.

·         Serves on Parish Councils and as Parish Trustees.

·         Coordinates and supports Parish Youth Activities.

·         Cooperates with Holy Name Society initiatives at the Parish, Deanery,       Diocesan and National Level


·         Holds Parish Communion Breakfasts.

·         Coordinates and works at Parish Festivals and Fundraisers.

·         Sponsors Parish Social Events.


St. Titus HNS meets every second Sunday of the month after                   the 10:00 a.m Mass in Titan Hall.   

Change in Scheduled meetings during the summer months:

Formal meetings for HNS are suspended during the summer months of June, July, and August. 

However, St Titus HNS will still attend the 10:00am Mass as a group on the 2nd Sunday of the above mentioned months as well as praying the rosary and Holy Name prayers before Mass at 9:20 AM. Meetings will resume on Sunday, September 9th, 2018 after the 10:00 AM Mass and will continue on every 2nd Sunday of the month thru MAY 2019.


Contact Information:

President: Bill Yuhasz

Co-Vice Pres: Tony Mastrofrancesco and Rich Yoko

Treasurer: Edwina LeDonne

Secretary: Rich Yoko

E-mail yuhacarbill@msn.com

Phone # 724-378-9781

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