This is a new group of volunteer services for elderly and infirm parishioners. Under a Ministry “umbrella” are sub-divisions of tasks based on type of service offered. While it is generally accepted that “in giving, we receive,” our ministry can take that a step further. The way tasks are divided and defined, make it possible for a person to volunteer in one area and receive benefits from another. This provides volunteering opportunities for people who would otherwise be seen as service recipients. For example, a person who is homebound can volunteer to be a Caller or Letter Writer. In addition to decreasing any feelings of social isolation that might exist, one might enjoy enhanced feelings of self-worth and belonging.

Below you will find a brief synopsis of each of the area’s we want to serve. Please prayerfully consider helping us to help others in our parish.

Caring Callers: Parishioners who are homebound can feel isolated, alone out of touch with friends. A friendly phone call from a caring voice can go a long way to brighten the day. Weekly phone contact from a Ministry of Caring Volunteer just for some chitchat to pass the time can become something to look forward to.

Caring Writers: The caring writers will communicate with Parishioners by sending hand-written notes to let them know their Parish family is thinking of them. Those who are confined to nursing or personal care homes will benefit from a friendly periodic note of support and encouragement, news of Parish events etc..

Caring Nursing Home Visitation Team The caring nursing home visitation team will receive names of parishioners in nursing facilities who could benefit from brief monthly visits.. Ministry of Caring Visitors will go in pairs and spend a few minutes with each person for friendly, face-to-face conversation to brighten his/her day.

Caring Driver: Our drivers will be part of a pool of volunteers willing to periodically assist parishioners who occasionally need local rides, to Mass,

Caring Shopper: This service offers individuals who will make short trips to purchase groceries, or pick up prescriptions for older adults, people with disabilities, and other individuals who cannot leave their homes or are otherwise unable to perform these tasks for themselves.

Caring Cook: The caring cook will be part of a pool of volunteers willing to prepare a meal for a fellow parishioner in need. As a Caring Cook you will be called upon periodically to make dinner for someone who is recovering from an illness at home, just came home from the hospital, or has suffered the loss of a loved one. These meals can be homemade or can be purchased.

Caring Respite The Ministry of Caring Respite will be part of a pool of volunteers that will provide up to 2 hours of time sitting with a homebound person so his/her caregiver can leave the home to run an errand, go to the store, etc., and get some time away from 24 hour responsibilities.

For More information Call Deb Ramanna, Chairperson, 724-378-3238

Won’t you please help? Come and join us in this awesome new ministry

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth” 1 John 3:17-18