St Titus Fab 50 (Faith and Beliefs 50)

The Fab 50 is a social organization in the parish for seniors 50 and over. They meet in Titan hall every 3rd Monday of the month for bingo and a light lunch.
This organization also makes many donations to various charities in the area.

For information or to join contact: Jim LaGrosse 724-375-6861

Parish Picnic Committee

The church picnic is held every year in August. It’s a time for the Parish family to get together for a day of fun and fellowship. Commitment is 2 meetings a year and the day of the picnic. To volunteer or If you are interested in joining the committee Contact Brenda Colalella 724-375-8002 or Deb Kosher 724-378-4023

The Cassidy Social Committee (CSC)

The Cassidy Social Committee (CSC) plans and organizes social events for members of the parish throughout the year. The goal of these events is to provide an opportunity to meet with and enjoy each other's company, foster friendships, fellowships and community within the parish. Parish social events are generally intended to be financially self-supporting.
The committee meets occasionally to discuss, plan, and carry out these social events. Our goal is to offer several different types of gatherings throughout the year, so that we reach the various age groups and interest areas within the parish community.               We are always looking for new ideas, so please contact us with your suggestions.
See our parish calendar, parish website, and check our weekly bulletin for committee meetings and other information.
Contact Rick Nawoczynski @ 724-462-5393 or Chris Colalella @ 725-375-8002 if you have questions or wish to volunteer.

"But you have given my heart more joy than they have when grain and wine abound" (psalm: 4:8)

Thanksgiving Social

For over 20 years the people of St Titus come together to celebrate Mass on Thanksgiving Day to give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings we have received throughout the year, for ourselves our family and our parish. Our Tradition is a blessing of a small piece of bread that we can take home with us to serve at our thanksgiving meal as a reminder of all God’s blessing. After the liturgy the Parishioners are invited to come together for light refreshments in Titian hall. This an opportunity to catch up and get to know each other better, a time of fellowship before the rush of the day and season. Come and join us for this beautiful tradition

St. Titus Choir Christmas Concert

The St. Titus Choir annual Christmas Concert has become a beloved Parish tradition over the years. Under the direction of Rose LaSala, Nick Bell, and Rich Shyan, the choir has become well-known throughout the area, and shines especially bright during the Christmas season. Each year, the choir's concert showcases some of its best Christmas songs, which provides a beautiful reminder of the true reason for the season. There also have been a variety of special guests that have joined the choir over the years, which always makes for a truly spiritual and fun evening for all who attend.
The fellowship of our Parish family continues after the concert in Titan Hall, where a reception of light refreshments takes place. The evening is most enjoyable for all who attend.

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